Apparently It’s Safer To Kiss Your Dog Than Your Partner

2016-08-24 00:38:19Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Well this is something we didn’t see coming but hey being in a relationship with your dog sounds much easier!

We all have had relationship issues and spent the night chilling with your pets instead… but before you put yourself down, it turns out doggie kisses aren’t so bad.

A new study from Havahart Wireless (a dog fence company) is doing the around and after a series of tests, they discovered that the human mouth actually has 1.4 times more bacteria than a dog’s kisser.

Sorry what?

If you’re doing the math that’s a difference of about 2,000,000 germs. Okay so this is proof that is literally safer to kiss a dog over a human.

But before you get too excited, there’s more facts that are worth a read.

Havahart found that dog accessories like their toys and bowls have 2x more germs than the objects us humans use, like forks, bowls and phones.

So you can totally kiss your dog… just don’t share plates.

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