ALERT! Mints Apparently Do Nothing For Your Garlic Breath!

2016-09-28 07:15:40Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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GUYS!!! There is another way to get rid of garlic breath and life will never be the same as we know it!

While mints still do the job a little bit… there are much better ways to get ready for that kiss… we mean life in general.

Scientists have discovered some new cures for us. What legends.

Researchers at Ohio State University in America gave peeps some garlic.  They then had to chew for 25 seconds.

They were then given either water, raw, juiced or heated apple, raw or heated lettuce, raw or juiced mint leaves, or green tea.

The smell on the breath were then analysed. Umm no thanks.

While mint did come out on top…  but only in raw leaf form.

Raw apple and raw lettuce came in 2nd and worked wayyyy better than actual mints. Apple juice and mint juice were both pretty effective.

And don’t even think about trying green tea. It does nothing.

So guys, buy some apples and lettuce and chuck them in your pocket for those garlic bread nights.

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