Airline Now Weighs Passengers Before Letting Them On Board

2016-10-06 04:06:00Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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An airline has gone to extremes and they are now weighing selected people before letting them on board.

The airline, has brought in a different type of ticketing policy which is basically unheard of… they now weigh passengers at check-in and then their seats are selected for them to ‘manage weight across the cabin.’

According to Radio New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines’ new policy came after an increase in average passenger weight.

Obviously people aren’t too happy about this new rule. One passenger in particular, David Haleck, even complained after being weighed before boarding a flight between Pago Pago and Honolulu.

It is believed that this rule has been brought into place because Samoa has a high rate of obesity. According to the CIA World Facebook, 74.6% of adults considered are obese.

Haleck told Radio New Zealand, "Of course Hawaiian is saying that ‘yes it is a safety issue’ but, you know, weight distribution …so have we been flying unsafe for all these years?"

The US Transportation Department have said they will investigate all complaints.

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