A Woman Developed Melanoma After Getting Gel Manicures

2016-09-11 03:50:44Z
Bree Gashparac
Bree Gashparac

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Gel manicure can be an essential part of any beauty routine, but one woman has posted a photo that has others turning their back on nail salons.

Lauren Heimer posted an alarming photo on Instagram of a thumbnail with a large streak through the middle. Her best friend, unnamed, was diagnosed with melanoma in her thumb, which was allegedly caused by the UV light used to dry fresh nails.

“Prior to her diagnosis I hadn’t put too much thought into the dangers of UV light so closely to the fingers/nails especially with some fairly newer chemical compound on the on them. She no longer has this thumbnail because THANK GOD she was smart enough to go to a dermatologist and he diagnosed her with a rare form of cancer and did some surgery.

“Please be cautious when getting gels and consider that there are these types of risks. This is just a friendly PSA in honour of my homegirl’s thumb, my love for her, and my general concern for humanity.”

The post has worried a lot of women, but you shouldn’t freak out.

The Skin Cancer Foundation made a statement on their website, which says that the devices used ‘present only a moderate UV risk – a far lower risk than that presented by UV tanning devices.’

Image: Instagram/laurzenheimer

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