8 Weird Things People Have Sent Into Outer Space

2016-09-09 06:45:19Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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It’s completely normal to have some sort of obsession with outer space, whether that’s with the moon, stars or alien life.

Over the years people have launched a lot of things to check out space and experiment, like rockets, people and animals – the usual stuff. But people have sent up other things. Some of it gets very weird.


We’re not talking about a compilation of the hottest hits of 95 recorded off the radio onto cassette. Music from Beethoven, The Beatles, 30 Seconds to Mars and Blur to name a few have been beamed out, so if you end up in space, take your radio.


A pizza company paid nearly £750,000 in 2000 to become the first company to deliver pizza in space – to Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov.


Why not show off the sounds we love most on copper disks. The crew who sent the disks up included a stereo needle – so you can play it like a record. It’s unclear if the 90 minute montage of sound effects includes a killer drop.


A 3D Printer

In case you want to build a 3D model of something in low-gravity. Like this orange Narwhal. 



Lowry Burgess is an artist and he created a piece using water from 18 different rivers. It’s weird enough to have on Earth, so it’s a weird thing to send to space.


An Aussie artist named Stephen Little is responsible for a DVD that was sent into the cosmos. Fingers crossed the aliens who find it have a DVD player under the telly.

A Gun

Apparently Russian cosmonauts took a triple barrel shotgun up with them. It was supposed to be used if the crew got into trouble when they landed (defence against possible predators, hunting etc).

A Family Photo

For some reason astronaut Charles Duke left a photo of himself, his wife and their two sons on the moon.

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