7 Signs You Wont Be Getting A Ring On It Anytime Soon From Your Boyfriend

2016-08-19 04:29:18Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Getting married is something that most women dream of to some degree... even if your wedding dreams may not involve a big wedding dress and a tower high cake, most women can definitely relate to the classic Beyonce line " If you liked you should have put a ring on it!"

However, what happens if you have been playing the waiting game for that many years that you are now convinced that the moment has passed forever?! These telltale signs below can give away what your partner is thinking and whether it may be an " I don't'' instead of " I do"...

1. He never comes to weddings and avoids them at all costs.

2. He avoids talking about marriage like the plague and never wants to have a discussion about it.

3. He states he " doesn't" believe in marriage and doesn't need a piece of paper to verify his love...

4. He seems to have no interest in building a future together

5. He avoids anything involving commitment and longterm plans.

6. He is more interested in hanging out with his friends and single friends.

7. He says he is " happy the way things are and doesn't want them to change". 





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