7 Morning Makeup Hacks That Will Let You Hit The Snooze Button

2016-08-02 04:05:48Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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So as much as we would love to be that girl jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn, clad in Lululemon tights and ready to burpee their way into the world, the reality is let's be serious... most of us are definitely not!

For those of us who prefer to hit the snooze button than the button of a stopwatch , yet still want to embrace the day in full glam Kim K style, then these below beauty hacks will be an ABSOLUTE game changer to your morning routine! Ensuring that you get the beauty sleep you deserve , whilst still staying true to your beauty A-game.

1. Shake up the order of your make up application .

L’Oreal Paris celebrity makeup artist Sir John suggests starting with the eyes.

After moisturizing skin, do your eyes first – liner, mascara, everything,” he said. “Then, take a cotton ball or makeup wipe and wipe up any fall down. Next, go directly into your foundation and concealer. It cuts so much time out of your routine!

2. Bronze it up

Celebrity make -up artist Sonia Kashuk speaks about how bronzer can makes a major difference to your appearance and can be used as a multi use product.

"Bronzer can take the place of foundation,” Sonia says. “The tone adds warmth to the face and helps hide discoloration and blemishes.”

3. Your Lipstick can double as blush

Make your cheeks flush as much as your lipstick shade by dabbing on a bit of your favourite pink , nude or coral lipstick to your cheeks. Just use two fingers and blend it into the cheeks for an instantly pretty, natural-looking flush. Two birds one stone right!

4. Use your highlighter as an eyeshadow

Can you think of a more appropriate product to instantly make yourself more awake and alert than highlighter?!

"Adding highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes will make them look fresh and large,” MAC Senior Make-Up Artist Michelle Clark says.

5. Skip the foundation and use an SPF 15+ tinted Moisturiser instead

Give your poor skin a break from the heavy foundations by using a tinted moisturiser that will allow your skin to breath rid your pores of feeling clogged and still provide you with an effortless and natural looking coverage.

6. Go for a bold lip

Nothing lifts a face faster than a pop of colour on the lips to brighten up the rest of your face. "If you’re super short on time and can only pick one, go for the lips and leave the rest of the face clean" Sir John says.

6. Invest in a Multi Purpose stick

What could be a better time saver than a product that LITERALLY does the job of 3-4 products all in one hit?! For an isntant hit to your lips, cheeks, eyes and face than we recommend a multi purpose like the ones below as a must add item to your beauty bag.

Our personal favourites are the NARS "Multiple stick" For that celeb glow or the E.L.F Australia " All over colour stick" for a great 3 in 1 product that will change your life.

Happy Glamming and Snoozing!

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