5-Year-Old Child Pulled From Wreckage By Pony Tail, In Syrian Bombings

2016-09-24 01:06:48Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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After a devastating airstrike to the area of Aleppo in Syria, rubble and wreckage has wreaked havoc on the fates of many families trapped beneath the destruction. 

Footage has emerged across the internet of harrowing accounts of children being pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings in the region, tragically meeting their untimely demise, sending the global population into a meltdown of controversy at the airstrike. 

Further footage has since surfaced, showing a young girl and baby boy who have been rescued from beneath building wreckage after the Aleppo airstrikes.   

Warning: The footage may confront some readers. 

You can view the footage HERE.

In the midst of a war-torn time, the civilians who rescued the young children rejoiced at the young lives being saved. 

However, the scale on which civilian life has been taken by the airstrikes is not to be forgotten, with over 80 reported dead at the current time. 

The world is begging for peace efforts to come through.  

A new Netflix documentary is soon to be released, giving an insight into the dark world of the civilians who volunteer and risk their own safety to save the lives of those trapped in bomb wreckage. 


Image Credits: Getty / Sky News.

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