5 Real Life Weddings That Turned Into Horror Stories

2016-07-12 07:09:53Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Getting married soon? Well, just make sure you prepare for everything, because if we’ve learned anything from a recent ‘wedding disaster’ reddit thread, it’s that things can turn reeeal ugly. 

Here are 5 of the worst wedding stories featured - 

Note To Self: don't invite kids unless they are all young Bindi Irwins. 

"I was at a friend's wedding reception and we're having a good time dancing. A different friend's kid (maybe 5 or 6 years old) was hiding under a table while his parents were getting sh*tfaced and ignoring him.

The kid then starts running and laughing through the dance floor, and I see him wipe something that looks like chocolate on the BRIDE'S dress. She's mortified, and everybody stops dancing. It was sh*t. He had sh*t into his hand and wiped it on people.

Years later, my wedding was child-free." - brujahbattalion

When your big day turns into The Day After Tomorrow -

"It all went to sh*t when it began to rain. We were thanking our lucky stars we had planned on having it inside. Well, we are halfway through dinner when it begins to hail. Hail the size of golf balls fell and dented cars, cracked windshields, and brought everyone on the patio inside.

We were in the middle of cutting the cake when the cops came into the venue and had to evacuate our wedding because there were flash floods. Everyone dashed to their cars and had to go around the opposite side of the entire lake the golf course was on because flash floods had wiped out the roads. We had to pick up multiple people who were broken down on the side of the road because they didn't put gas in their damn cars and there [were] absolutely no gas stations on that side of the lake.

Oh, and to top it all off, my ex-boyfriend showed up to crash my wedding and had sex with one of my bridesmaids in the venue bathroom before he got kicked out. The venue flooded a few hours after our evacuation. Cheers to the most memorable wedding ever: mine." - Sweat-It-Out

When the groom makes the Kardashians seem camera-shy. 

"Friend is a photographer. Does weddings. Got punched in the face by the groom because the groom decided that the photographer was 'taking too many photos of the bride.' Weddings seem to bring out the worst in humanity." — BANNEDFROMALAMO

Well, this is just horrifying... 

"The worst I've personally witnessed had a groom's baby mama (and ex-fiancé) come to the reception uninvited. She grabbed the wedding cake, chucked it at the newlyweds, and began screaming how he was a deadbeat dad while she grabbed table-wine bottles that she smashed on the ground.

"Everyone was stunned in shock at first, but the ex-fiancé was ultimately restrained by the groomsmen. We called the police, and she was charged with assault, assault with a weapon (from waving around a wine bottle and clocking a groomsman), and destruction of private property (both from the couple and the venue). What a charmer. In the end, the parents of the groom asked me to arrange a lovely (and secret) private dinner for the newlyweds and their bridal party to make up for the fiasco. - AnaphylacticHippo

You can't crl/alt/delete life... 

"Girl I went to HS with got engaged. Her parents offered her three options: $50,000 for a wedding, $50,000 for the down-payment on a house (and a small, intimate wedding), or $25,000 for the wedding and $25,000 for a house. She chose the $50,000 wedding.

Weeks before her wedding she told her parents that she was having second thoughts. Parents said, "Everyone has jitters. The wedding is paid for. You're getting married". She got married. The marriage lasted two months. She had been cheating on her fiance/husband for over a year with a coworker." 

Do you have any wedding horror stories? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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