21 Crazy Space Facts That Will Blow Your Mind.

2016-09-16 04:12:09Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Who knew space was so interesting!?

Pluto was a planet, then some boffins decided it wasn’t and it confused everyone. What do you mean ‘dwarf planet’?

We’ve found some facts that we’re pretty sure scientists agree on but, as we know, they could change their minds next week.


      1. Space is silent.

Sound can only travel when particles vibrate. When you’re listening to music, air particles are vibrating. Since space is a vacuum, there are no particles to vibrate, so it is silent.

     2. You can stretch.

If you found yourself entering a black hole, the gravity from inside it would make you stretch. It’s called spaghettification because… things stretch into the shape of spaghetti.


    3. Uranus wasn’t Uranus.

When William Herschel discovered Uranus, he wanted to call it “George” after King George III.

    4. You could drive to space.

Space actually starts 100km above Earth, so you COULD drive there if your car was fancy enough to be able to drive directly up.

    5. Your skin peels off.

Astronauts discovered that the skin of their feet would peel off and the explanation is simple. Because they’re not walking, the skin softens and starts to flake off. 

   6. There is life out there. Almost.

Research shows that one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, has organic chemicals that could mean life could live there.

   7. Moons have moons.

Some moons have a little moon revolving around it. You’ll find moons with their own moon around Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

   8. Astronauts are collectors.

Astronauts have brought back close to 400kg of rock from the moon. And experts tell us to leave shells on the beach.

  9. Mars is rusty.

Mars looks red because the iron in its soil has rusted – or oxidised.

 10. There are 1000s of planets.

Scientists know there are many planets out there and they rotate around a star just like how Earth orbits around the sun.


 11. The atmosphere makes stars twinkle.

If you were in space, the stars wouldn’t twinkle. It’s because the gases in our atmosphere get in the way.

 12. Moon landers were quarantined.

When Apollo 11 astronauts returned from the moon, they were quarantined just in case the moon gave them any nasty diseases. It didn’t. That means you don’t need any vaccinations before you jump on the next mission to the moon!

 13. Hats don’t work on Neptune.

Winds on Neptune can reach a little over 2500km/h so you’d have trouble keeping your hat on your head – unless you had a string holding it to your face. 



 14. Footprints last forever*.

Because the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, there’s no wind so the astronauts’ footprints could stay there forever. Unless something like a meteorite hits the moon and disturbs the ground.


 15. The sun provides too much energy.

Every hour the sun bombards us with more energy than everyone on the planet uses in a year. That’s why solar energy is so good.

 16. A team listens to radio signals.

A program called ‘the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence’ (SETI) analyses radio signals in case intelligent life are communicating in some way.

 17. White holes are a thing.

We really only hear about black holes… White holes are the exact opposite of a black one – light and matter fountains out of them.

 18. Comets melt.

As comets get closer to the sun, frozen gas and liquid starts to melt and follow the rock. You can see the tail thanks to sunlight catching it.

 19. The moon has lava seas.

Those dark patches on the moon were thought to be seas back in the day. It turns out that these dark patches were made by lava from volcanoes.


 20. The sun moves.

We travel around the sun and the sun travels around the galaxy. The sun’s journey takes 200 million years.

 21. Jupiter doesn’t revolve around the sun.

Jupiter actually orbits a point just above the sun – you can’t really see it happening which is why the sun looks to stay still. Because Jupiter is so massive, it rotates around the same point as the sun, meanwhile every other planet orbits around the sun. It gets a little confusing so we’ll leave it there.

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Image Credit: Warner Brothers 

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