12 Things You Can Get From A Hotel For Free… If You Know How To Ask!

2016-08-26 06:31:59Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Not all of us are aware of the complimentary services that hotels provide for their guests… until now!

It turns out hotels can help out if you’ve forgotten something you need. You just have to know to ask at the front desk!


Whether you’re scared of the dark, have kids who are scared of the dark, or just want to be able to see at nighttime… most hotels can offer a nightlight.


If reading is your thing, it’s worth asking at the front desk for a kindle. Some fancier hotels offer free kindles during your stay!


Got lots of appliances? Some hotels have power boards and extension cords you can use.


If your dress popped a button or you need to make some quick alterations, some hotels have sewing kits on hand!


Keep fit on holiday! If you’re lucky, some places will provide a yoga mat during your stay.


If the hotel pillow is a bit uncomfortable, hotels can usually offer different options. Just call up the front desk and pick one that’s right for you!


Some hotels have curling irons and hair straighteners to lend you if you forgot to bring yours!


Got kids? Don’t worry about them being bored… sometimes hotels have some spare toys or colouring in books for the young ones.


If you need to re-do your nails, or just get bored of the colour, don’t be afraid to ask for some complimentary nail polish remover.


These are super handy when flying, as most airlines required transparent travel bags for liquids.


This is that one thing we CAN’T live without. If you forgot your phone charger, some hotels have extras.


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