Wine Forecasters Predict We'll Be Loving This Strange New Wine In 2017

2016-12-07 02:23:25Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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A good glass of wine goes down a treat with most food. 

Whether it's a simple pasta or a fancy cheese platter, a good glass of wine really makes the food you eat taste incredibly delicious.


Most people drink white or red wine, with some preferring the sweet taste of rose, but wine experts are saying that in 2017, we wine lovers will prefer something completely different.

Orange wine!


Don't worry, there aren't actually any oranges in the wine.

The wine's orange colour is created by leaving grape skins in a barrel for up to a year. 

When making white wine, the grapes are separated from the skins but for orange wine, the skin is kept and releases tannins that create its colour.


Yeast is also added into white wine, but because it isn't added to orange wine, the taste is both fruitier and nuttier. 

According to wine expert Amelia Singer, orange wine has been quite big throughout the wine sector in 2016 and she predicts that next year, us regular folk will catch onto it.

Orange wine. (Ageno 2007, still drinking deliciously)

A photo posted by Fiona Beckett 🍴🍷🌷🧀 (@food_writer) on


"(The best orange wines have a) thrilling perfume, combined with an enticing intensity of honeyed, fleshy fruit and assertive grip from the tannins."

She also explained that you can pair this wine with any food. 

Whether you pick Indian, Moroccan or just that fancy cheese board we mentioned, the orange wine will make it taste fabulous!


Are you willing to give it a try?

Image: @lauracanavan

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