We Now Know Why Coca-Cola Tastes Better Out Of A Glass Bottle

2016-06-21 05:39:08Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Most of us know that when you have a can or bottle of coke it’s just not the same as having it out of a glass bottle. Turns out there’s a solid reason why!

Biochemist Sara Risch, the founder of Science By Design has revealed it’s all down to the liquid’s reaction with the material that holds it.

She explained, “while packaging and food companies work to prevent any interactions, they can occur.”

A can of coke, for example, is lined with polymers to try and stop the coke reacting with the metal. However, it’s not fool-proof and sometimes the lining does absorb some of the flavour.

If you have a bottle of coke from a plastic bottle, the opposite occurs. The bottles have a acetaldehyde lining which transfers into the liquid, changing it’s flavour.

So if you have coca-cola in a class bottle, it’s the least chemically reactive – giving us the flavour we love!

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