This Restaurant Is Charging $50,000 For A Meal, But We’ll Take Granny’s Cooking Instead

2016-11-21 01:01:02Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Got an extra $50,000 on you? 

A restaurant in the United States is now charging customers a ridiculous amount of money for a roast dinner!


That's right, this dinner is literally comprised of roast meat and vegetables, something your mum and grandmother could probably cook with their eyes closed!

At Old Homestead, a steakhouse in New York City, a $50,000 meal will get you:

A whole free range roast turkey, a piece of Wagyu beef that costs $465 a pound, fois gras (which is duck or goose liver) that costs $54 a pound, sweet potato covered in $1600 caviar and ice cream made with $4200 eggnog.

Sounds nuts, right? Especially since you can get a full free-range turkey for only $22.00 from Coles.


Would you pay this much for a meal? 

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