This Is The Food Every Celeb Has In Their Diet

2016-10-06 03:43:55Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Every celebrity has a different diet they follow to keep themselves looking amazing.

The Alkaline Diet, the Dukan Diet, the Macrobiotic Diet and the Raw Food Diet are all popular choices amongst the biggest stars and although they all have different regimes, they have one particular food in common.

The cucumber.

Each diet insists that you eat a cucumber everyday purely because it has so many health benefits. 

Professor Robyn McConchie, Professor of Horticulture at the University of Sydney says that cucumbers are one of the most beloved superfoods in the world, "They contain hydrating properties, valuable nutrients and are particularly low-calorie, making it a solid staple in any and every diet.

Cucumbers are able to help with weightloss, as they curb hunger whilst also keeping you hydrated as they are 95% water. Jennifer Aniston apparently swears by them and eats three medium cucumbers in a salad. 

They also remove cellulite by drawing fluid out of the skin and tightening it, reduce stressand can even help get rid of your nasty hangover!

Excuse us while we stock up on these bad boys..

Images: gossipdavid, fitfoodhouse 

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