There’s A Reason Why You Always Crave Chocolate And Cake In The Afternoon

2016-07-25 07:28:11Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

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How often have your healthy eating plans been unravelled by an intense craving for chocolate, cake or biscuits in the afternoon?

A team of researchers have looked into this phenomenon, and we can now safely say that you are not alone!

Scientists from Flinders University and Liverpool University researched the relationship 300 different women had with food throughout the day.

They discovered that in the mornings we tend to view junk food as unhealthy, and we also generally believe that cake and other sugary treats aren’t an acceptable breakfast.

But as the day goes on we start to change our minds, and we start to view sweet snacks in a more acceptable light.

Eventually the cravings hit, and we find ourselves reaching for a chocolate bar or piece of cake sometime after lunch.

So basically, our brains are hardwired to want something sugary later in the day. If that happens to you, maybe some fruit would be better than a pack of biscuits?

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