The 60 Second Mug Cake To End All Treats

2016-09-27 06:16:35Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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If you love a mug cake (name one person who doesn't), you need to try the mug cake that we've crowned the mug cake to end all treats.

The best part: cook time is just 60 seconds, so you can heat one up while you eat one you prepared 60 seconds earlier.

Here's how you'll feel every step of your yummy mug cake journey:


Like this

As you spin down the jelly aisle to grab your Aeroplane Mug Cake mix.


Like this

After successfully emptying the sachet into a mug.


Like this

As you pour milk into the mug and stir


And this

As you punch in 60 seconds on the microwave.


Defs a bit of this

While you count down the seconds. There's only 60 of them!


All of this

As the microwave hits 00:00 and it's time to enjoy.


Annnnnd this

When you take your mug cake out of the microwave.


Feel all the happy from the second you fly down the jelly aisle! Grab a pack of Aeroplane Mug Cakes in chocolate, caramel or sticky date (or all 3) and get microwave'n!

Transform your afternoon thanks to Aeroplane Jelly

Here if you're in Melbourne.

Here if you're in Sydney.

Here if you're in Brisbane.

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