STOP EVERYTHING! Creme Brulee Martinis Are Now Things That Actually Exist

2016-11-30 05:29:03Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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There are so many different martini flavours out there that we just love to sip on when the weekend rolls around.

If you are feeling tired, a good espresso martini will do the trick. 

If you're feeling fruity, you might want to go for an apple martini, or maybe you like the classic twist with an olive.


Either way, everyone has their favourite martini but for those who like feeling fancy and eating delicious desserts, there's a new martini flavour we've found that you might want to know about!

Creme brulee martinis have just broken out onto the scene and don't they just sound amazing?


This is changing the whole cocktail game, mainly because we haven't seen a drink that blends the sweet tastes of the creme brulee before.

We recommend giving it a go next time you're out with your girlfriends or needing a good cocktail to get you through a weird night.


But if you're more of the cocktails in the comfort of your own home type (and who isn't), you can try making one!

Ask Anna Moseley has posted the recipe and we are so keen to try it out!

Grab yourself whipped cream vodka (yep, that exists too!), frangelico, orange liqueur, ice and a martini glass and shaker.

Fill the martini shaker up to one third with ice, add four tablespoons of frangelico, four tablespoons of the vodka and two tablespoons of the orange liqueur.

Shake it well, because you know you can.


Then pop it into a martini glass.

Mmm, how tasty!



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