STOP EVERYTHING - It Turns Out Pringles Aren’t Classified As Crisp Chips!

2016-10-28 04:18:09Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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What the actual what? Apparently the delicious snack we’ve been munching on every night watching Survivor isn’t what we thought it was! 

With the popularity of the ‘Pringles Ringles’  challenge, attention has been drawn to the addictive snack and a 2008 British High Court order which states they are NOT chips.

The court ruled that as Pringles are made with 42% potato, they should not be classified as a potato chip products.  

Pringles are actually made from dough and form an irregular shape, which for some reason meant that it was classified as more of a cake or biscuit! 


Things then got even more confusing when in 2009, a court overturned the ruling and Pringles were considered a chip again. 

We are V confused.  

What you think Pringles are? Chips or Biscuits?  

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Images: Pringles


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