Sooo Caramel M&M's Are Officially A Thing... YES PLEASE!

2016-10-20 00:42:08Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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M&M's have become a common candy staple that many of us have grown up with but what they are planning for their 75th anniversary is game-changing! 

Say hello to caramel M&M's! That's right! As of next May they are officially a thang and we cannot wait. According to usatoday they almost didn't happen as it came down to customers voting on what the new flavour should be. 

" The company experimented with three potential new flavors, honey nut, coffee and chili, letting customers vote for which they liked best. Given the response the caramel announcement has received on social media (nearly 38,000 reactions on a post on the official M&M's Facebook page) it's not much of a stretch to say the option for the filling would have won the vote had it been added."

Mars, the company behind M&M', has definitely put their money where their mouths are ... literally! They have invested around $100 million to build a new manufacturing site in Topeka, Kansas and hope to employ over 70 staff to work at the new facility.

They will officially be released for the American market in May 2017 and whilst there is no word just yet when these amazing M&M's will be landing on Aussie shores we are hoping we won't be waiting too long!

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