SHUTUP! Two Of Our Favourite Aussie Ice Creams Just Got Mashed Together & Are Available To Buy!

2016-09-07 01:29:09Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We don’t want to alarm anyone, but this could be the best invention since the Nutella doughnut.

The babes over at Streets have once again delivered the goods and produced the people of Australia’s needs.

Picture this, a Golden Gaytime and a Cornetto, mashed together into one. Well, you don’t need to picture it, because it is now at thing. And you can buy it TODAY.

They announced it on Facebook and let’s just say everyone lost their chill.

Yes, say hello to The Golden Gaynetto.

The man behind the idea is Jesse James McElroy who we are now calling our idol.

When asked about the taste, Jesse was honest said, "Yeah, it's very good, "When I made my prototype it had biscuit crumb on the cone but they have theirs on top. Mine was a bit tricky to eat but looked impressive, whereas theirs works better I think."

People have already spotted the rare goods at Woolies Bondi Junction in Sydney and selected service stations in Inner Sydney.

It will only be a matter of time until we are all blessed with this creation.

Image Credit: Golden Gaytime Facebook

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