Say Goodbye To Your Love Of Bacon... This Pic Is Bacon Our Hearts

2016-08-11 23:10:51Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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For some people Bacon is their true love… but after this picture you might want to get a divorce.

Just when everyone was getting ready for bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning this picture has surfaced and has made the world cry.

It is going viral for every single wrong reason that could ever be a reason.


Yeah, so that thing on the left, yeah do you see it. That’s a f@$%ing nipple.


The original thread is well and truly on fire online with a lot of users saying they will never eat bacon again (duh)

One user, goatcoat, revealed that the butchers would intentionally give “nipple bacon” to rude customers.

Nipple bacon” omg BYEEEE.

Goatcoat (what a name) also decided to teach everyone a good lesson about “nipple bacon” and said that that it’s not really that bad to eat… ummm no thanks.

For anybody who might get upset about this, let me state for the record that it is not dangerous to eat the nipple, it’s entirely edible. It just serves as an unpleasant reminder of where food actually comes from, but is otherwise harmless.


Side note: I don’t eat meat and I was gagging while writing this so thank you for reading this after the pain I went through.

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