Rosé Chocolate Now A Thing & Yes We Are Talking About The Wine

2016-08-02 04:42:07Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

Taylor Swift is probably my best friend. I drink too much coffee, but so do you... Weird, Wild & Free.

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Just when we thought we knew what true love was, they invent this and have us questioning our past relationships with other chocolate.

You might want to sit down while we deliver you this important piece of information.

Meet the new love of your life, AKA rosé wine chocolate.

What a freaking bloody good invention… sorry that was very Australian of us, but we just can’t keep our chill together right now.

The company, Compartés has literally created this masterpiece. The description on the website says, “Our newest artistic creation! A PINK CHOCOLATE BAR infused with ROSÉ wine and decked out in edible crystalized rose petals! The Compartés ROSES & ROSÉ Chocolate Bar is brand new, handmade in LA with French rosé and Compartés signature white chocolate. This is the hottest product of the Summer! It's rosé season so sit back and pour a glass and take a bite of the hottest new sweet sensation of the year, Compartés ROSE CHOCOLATE BAR."

"Edible crystalized rose petals" this is like chocolate for Beyoncé.

It gets better… it’s also gluten free.


Is this too fancy for us? NEVER. Are we worth something so magical? ALWAYS.

This bring us to the next part of the important information, they ship worldwide. But you know, maybe buy in bulk just in case. You can do that here.

Each bar is $9.95 US and you can even gift a bar or 40 to someone.


We would pinch you to wake you up from this magical dream… but it is real life...

You’re welcome!

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