RECIPE REVEALED:Here's How You Make KFC Chicken At Home!

2016-08-22 06:56:26Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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One of the world’s biggest culinary secrets has apparently been exposed - The 11 secret herbs and spices that made Kentucky Fried Chicken such a winner around the world.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the secret recipe was discovered by Colonel Harland Sanders' nephew, Joe Ledington of Kentucky, in a scrapbook belonging to his aunt Claudia, who was Sanders' second wife.

Check out the recipe below… and it’s understood the Ts stand for tablespoons.

11 Spices Mix With 2 Cups White Fl.
1) 2/3 Ts Salt
2) 1 Ts Thyme
3) 1 Ts Basil
4) 1/3 Ts Origino (sic)
5) 1 Ts Celery Salt
6) 1 Ts Black Pepper
7) 1 Ts Dried Mustard
8) 4 Ts Paprika
9) 2 Ts Garlic Salt
10) 1 Ts Ground Ginger
11) 3 Ts White Pepper

Give us a try and let us know how it goes!

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