One Of Your Favourite Childhood Snacks Is Coming Back And We're So EXCITED!

2016-12-14 05:14:21Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Prepare yourselves for the most awesome and exciting news of 2016.

After a decade of being absent from our lives and stomachs, our precious Yowie's are coming back!


Turns out, Americans love the little chocolate critters just as much as we did and their New York-based chocolate factory is churning out over 110, 000 a day!

The Yowie's all come with an endangered species toy hidden inside them, so we still get the surprise we loved, and the Americans are learning about Australia's wildlife.

There's no word on when we'll be able to buy these little babies on our own shelves again, but in the meantime, we can watch the old advertisements and wait as patiently as we can.

Image: Comedy Central

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