M&M's Just Combined Two Of Our Fav Things In A NEW Flavour!

2016-07-26 06:46:28Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

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As far as we're concerned, a story about new chocolate is WAY more exciting than Kimye and Taylor having hissy fits at each other.

Brace yourselves team, M&M's have just announced a new flavour.

While we've loved some of the latest creations like Toffee Apple, Coconut and actually can't go past Crispy and the Minis... it seems as though they are about to make our dreams come true... again.

After a long process where fans were encouraged to vote for one of three nut flavoured inventions, it has been announced that the winner IS... COFFEE NUT!

As for getting them in Aus? Not just yet it seems. But imagine... the nutty-ness and the coffee tastiness? Mmmmm. We won't be surprised if these pop up at those specialty candy stores very, very soon. You know the ones we mean. Let us know if you get your hands on them!

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