McDonald’s Have A Secret Gold Card That Gets You ALL The Free Macca's You Want!

2016-12-01 23:47:10Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

Hi, I’m Zoe! You might remember me from such entertainment sites as! I love Harry Potter, Survivor, The Simpsons, Disney, Beyoncé, Tim Tams and Pancakes. When I grow up I want to be Sandy Cohen.

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The McGold Card is an actual real thing and it gets you unlimited FREE MACCAS! 

The exclusive gold card gives you unlimited free food and we know all about it now thanks to Rob Lowe

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, the actor revealed how he obtained the card thanks to a mate of his… who’s father invented the Egg McMuffin and RONALD BLOODY MCDONALD.  

Take a look -

Apparently, the gold card is only reserved for big shots, so you know, if you’re lacking career motivation, this might help!  

Next time you think about giving up, just remind yourself that if you achieve… you could qualify for The McGold Card. 

*add to dream board* 

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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