If You Eat Cold Pizza, There's Something You Need To Know

2016-08-26 06:18:15Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Next time you go to grab that cold slice of pizza, think again.

Basically EVERYONE keeps pizza if there's leftovers, because there's no way you're throwing it in the trash. Pizza is love. Pizza is life. You want to treat it like family, right?


But how safe is it to hold on to that lover you call pizza for days on end?

According to US Food Standards Agency, "If you choose to keep hot takeaway pizza as leftovers, then you should make sure it's cooled down at room temperature within 2 hours."

So if you're gonna keep it, then dont sit around for hours snacking on it before you put it in the fridge.


They also explained, "Takeaway leftovers should be stored, covered and kept in a fridge for up to two days. An exception to this is rice based dished which should only be kept for one day."

Well... Let's just say we haven't been sticking to these guidelines guys...


If you're not going to eat your pizza within that timeframe (which, come on, you know you will!) then you can always freeze it "for up to three months but its quality is likely to diminish over time," but you must heat it up within a day of defrosting (in the fridge) your sexy slices!

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the simple fact we have been ignoring - we can freeze takeaway for up to three freaking months. In other words, it's stockpiling season and we won't have to even leave the house!

We advise you do leave the house though because, you know, exercise and daylight and everything....



Image credit: NBC


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