Hot Cross Buns Are Already Being Sold And People Are NOT Happy!

2016-12-28 00:04:15Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Christmas is over and we're all preparing for our New Year's Eve parties, but it looks like supermarkets are already preparing for Easter.

People have started to see Hot Cross Buns appearing on supermarket shelves and they're are not happy about it AT ALL!




People have taken to all forms of social media to ask why these treats are out three months before Good Friday even rolls around?

Woolworths, one of the supermarkets selling the buns, has replied to a number of these tweets but people still aren't convinced that Christmas is the right time to be selling Hot Cross Buns.

What do you think about the Hot Cross Bun sales? 

Should we have them all the time, or will the joy of having them at Easter be lost if we were able to grab them every day?

Image: @itsafrickencaferacer Instagram

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