GUYS! There's A Way Better Way To Eat Burgers & We Had No Idea

2016-07-20 10:55:34Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Well FFS we have only been eating burgers our whole lives and now someone tells us there’s a better way to do it? (but seriously it makes sense.)

Things are about to get so real.

According to Grant Thompson'The King of Random', AKA our new idol, there’s another way to eat a burger and it’s all in the way you hold it.

Face it, we are ALWAYS looking for new ways to up our burger game and today it is a reality.

All you need to do is flip your burger upside down and you’re good to go!

This will change your life because the bottom half of the bun is thinner compared to the top so it then soaks up all the good juices and sauces. We want this in our lives because this means your tongue hits all the other ingredients first... and well... your taste buds have a party.

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