Forget The Smashed Avo It's Your COFFEE That's Stealing Your Hard Earned Dough!

2016-10-20 04:53:45Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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So, apparently it's not the copious amounts of expensive breakfast and all that $22 smashed avocado that Gen Ys should be concerned about if they're trying to save for a house.

Aussie youngsters listen up - it's apparently your love affair with coffee that's costing.

Another 60-something-year-old gentleman has bought in to talk that the real reason that younger generations can't claw their way into the Aussie housing market.

Demographer Bernard Salt sparked debate on the weekend after telling people to eat at home and save their twenty-plus dollars every week for a house deposit. 

Now, our top Treasury guru John Fraser is pointing the finger at how much coffee Australians buy.

"I understand the issue," he assured the senators. "I'd prefer people to start talking about the exorbitant cost of coffee in Melbourne. It's got to be the highest in world."

Melbourne's average price for a cuppa is NOT the highest though, last year it averaged $3.63 while in LA a latte there could set you back AUD $5.20.

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