Epic Christmas Themed Cakes We All Wish We Could Make

2016-12-16 02:59:13Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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WARNING: The following pictures will increase your dessert expectations this Christmas.

Apologies to those on cake duties this Xmas, but we couldn’t resist sharing these EPIC Christmas themed cakes!

Is this not the cutest edible cactus cake you ever did see? What a great alternative to a Christmas tree!


@zoezobake is the QUEEN of Xmas desserts, including this (YES EDIBLE) log cake. 


Anyone going for GOLD this Christmas? This is probably the most AMAZING cake we’ve ever seen! Those pinecones!!!


Something a little more traditional and looks WAY time consuming is this incredible red & green wreath.


WOW! This rustic piece is a BIG family delight!



If only we could actually live in a house like this!!! We can eat one, though… ;)


 #ChristmasCakes will give you LOTS of yummy dessert inspo this Christmas to REALLY impress your guests!!! 


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