Do You Dunk Your Maccas Fries In Your Thickshake?

2016-06-17 06:16:13Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Are you one of those people that loves to get some salty Maccas chips and dunk them in a sweet thickshake?

It might sound weird to some of you... but trust us, there are a HOARD of people out there who have tried this or do it on the regular.

Well now McDonalds (in Japan) have released a new menu item that is taking inspiration from this popular practice. Please welcome fries covered in chocolate sauce.

They come with white and dark chocolate sauce drizzled over the top of them and we're not going to lie, we want to try them. The only way they could be better is if it were with NUTELLA. Oh yes.

Why stop there! Youtube Hits decided to dip an entire meal in chocolate even the coke to see how it would taste.

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