Need A New Gym Excuse? You Could Be Allergic To Exercise

2016-09-06 03:22:40Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Seriously… this is definitely not as silly as it sounds. But, it’s not as simple as being allergic to the gym. 

According to The Huffington Post experts say you can’t be allergic to push-ups,  but it is possible to develop allergic symptoms as a result of exercise.

Exercise although it is good for us can actually trigger asthma, hay fever, hives and in some extreme cases anaphylaxis.

These are some of the reactions you could experience... 

Sweating Hives

It's actually called Cholinergic Uticaria and is very common, affecting many young adults and can be triggered by... delicious sweat. 

These hives usually develop during or just after completing exercise and will normally fix themselves up within an hour. 

Taking antihistimines prior to working out is the measure proven to be the most effective. 

Exercise Anaphylaxis 

This is far less common and most of the time the person will be allergic to a certain type of food they have eaten in the past couple of hours before exercising. 

It typically affects young adults and include itching, hives, body swelling, wheezing/asthma symptoms, sweating, fainting, upset stomachs or blocked and runny nose. 

Those who think they may be prone to exercise induced anaphylaxis should seek treatment and advice from a healthcare professonal.

Exercise Induced Asthma

Not uncommon, plenty of people experience sports asthma. There are number of pharmaceuticals you can take to combat this. 

But, seek professional advice prior.

So... can you be allergic to exercise? 

Well no, you can't be allergic to exercising itself. But you can have other conditions or allergies which could be triggered by exercise. 

If you are concerned you may suffer from an allergy, it is advised you see a health professional. 

Safe exercising team! 


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