How A Celebrity Trainer Stays Lean On Holiday!

2016-08-30 00:59:09Z
Justin Hill
Justin Hill

I’m Scoopla’s red carpet reporter and have interviewed everyone from Angelina Jolie to Katy Perry (who fiddled with my bow tie!). My life motto is ‘dress like it’s the red carpet… not the supermarket’.

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Keeping fit and healthy on holidays is always a challenge. You pack your best intentions but once you land in a tropical destination, pulling your sneakers and lycra on doesn’t seem as appealing as it did back home.

We asked celebrity trainer, BUF Girls Cassey Miller how she earned her cocktail credits on a recent trip to Bali.

Cassey’s top 3 tips for a toned & lean holiday bod

1. It’s all about keeping it simple and making your sessions fit in around your holiday, not the other way around; don’t drag yourself into your tights and haul your butt to the hotel gym – that just feels like a job! Get creative with mini workouts you can do in your bikini by the pool, in the backyard of your villa, while you’re out exploring, or in your bedroom before your day begins.

2. My best trick is to take 10 minutes every morning pre-breakfast, or in the evening before dinner to do a few reps and fire up your metabolism. If you’re feeling super motivated, do both; one at each end of the day before your biggest meals.

3.Look for ways to stay active throughout the day – long walks to explore the area, surf lessons, hikes to remote places, or just a wander through the local markets will make a big difference.

2 workouts to try next time you fly

Cass filmed two days of her Bali workouts while she was away – day one is a toning session and day two is cardio (no running, whoop!). Both workouts are short, simple and use only your bodyweight, so you can do them anywhere to get your muscles fired up and your heart pumping.

Make sure you watch the video to nail the right technique, then print and pack these ideas for your next trip. Make sure you have a cold fresh coconut and pool dip planned as a reward!

Workout 1 – Toned In 10!

Complete 10 reps of each exercise on the list below

10 x Walking Lunges

10 x Single Leg Dead Lift

10 x Pool laps of Lateral Shuffles

10 x Tricep Push Up to walk

10 x Beyonce Hip Raises (10 per side)

10 x Crunch to leg extension (10 per side)

Rest 30s and repeat once or twice more

Workout 2 – Quick Cardio

Spend 20s on each move below with no rest in between. Complete 4 rounds for an epic 8-minute cardio workout!

1.Drop Squats

2.Athletics Skaters

3.Physco Star Jumps

4.Mountain Climbers

5.Frog Squat Jumps

6.High Knees

Train with the BUF Girls online from anywhere in the world by heading to – start with BUF Body for a complete 6-week overhaul, or try Cassey’s 2-week Red Carpet Ready program if you’re short on time.

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