Posted: 23 January, 2016 by Julia Foskey

Is There An Avocado Shortage In Australia?

We need our avos!

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Australians have noticed something very strange recently. It’s the middle of summer, a time we associate with avocados. So why are they outrageously expensive?

With avo prices hitting $3.90 at Coles and Woolies, rumours of an avocado shortage started to emerge. Prices at independent grocers were reported to have hit up to $6 for individual avocados. 

“Aren’t they usually cheaper right now?” avocado lovers cried. “How are we meant to have smashed avo on toast if we can barely afford it?”


As full blown avocado toast addicts, we decided to investigate. We went straight to the source: Avocados Australia, the representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry. 

Basically? There are slightly less avocados around at the moment, which is why you’re seeing higher prices. But it’s not going to last forever.

“We’re looking at a combination of higher demand and lower supply at the moment resulting from a drop in harvesting over the Christmas period followed by rain in WA and New Zealand, the main regions currently supplying avocados to the Australian market at this time. Harvesting during rain affects avocado quality,” their representative told us.

They explained that prices do fluctuate at different times of the year due to supply and demand, and they are actually usually a little more expensive in summer. 

“Avocado prices tend to rise over this period due to increased demand in the summer months, but new orchards in the southern regions of Australia are coming online to increase our supplies during this period.”

But don’t worry, help is on the way. Prices should drop as more avocados ripen.

“We do prefer to see a balanced market and in time, prices will start to ease as more fruit comes onto the market.  WA and NZ will continue their harvest over the next few weeks and then North Queensland will start harvesting around late Feb with volumes from Queensland expected to ramp up from April.” 

So don’t stress. The shortage will end. And we’ll all be swimming in guacamole again soon.


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