Posted: 17 September, 2013 by Benjamin Norris

Ben’s BB Diary: Eviction 7!

Secret Relationships And A Fallen Soldier…

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Benjamin Bonds With Matt

When you think about how many housemates we originally started with, it seems bizarre to have such a small group left. Especially knowing Big Brother will run for two extra weeks!

Well, don't stress. 'Rumour has it,' two new intruders are on the way. But what kind of person will Big Brother send in?

A feisty piece of work to challenge Tim? Maybe.

A housemate made of tissues (to soak up Tully's tears)? Needed!

Or there’s my favourite idea; send in 'a Patty,' to Ben's Bert Newton. Oh, I can see that romance blossoming. I am imagining two oddballs serenading each other, singing theme songs from popular eighties Australian TV shows. 

To be honest the best intruder would be Bert himself. Which is actually another rumour - make it happen!

I arrived at the Big Brother compound, expecting to see the eviction of the 'Sugar Sisters'.

For the first time I was wrong, with soldier Matthew coming out. You could hear the audience gasp when Sonia read out his name!  How can we keep sending home these good Aussie guys? After all Matt is a war hero! 

People need to actually vote to save their favourite HM - not just save who is in danger, which I believe is the issue.

The audience seemed unsettled while Matt's proud mother beamed with anticipation to see her son. Why is it I get so emotional? Especially with grown boys and their mothers?   

I spoke with Ed and Matts’ twins between ad breaks - they were lovely! They seemed to be enjoying the attention their identical siblings have created. Both agreed they’re happy to be called Matt and Ed instead of their real names.

We had a group photo and my social media lit up like a Christmas tree. Lord only knows what kind of attention the real Ed and Matt can expect!

Ed's brother confirmed that his twin intuition has Ed fleeing from Jade once the show is over, but you didn't have to be a twin to work that out!

One question had me yet again surprised. How many weeks will it take for the housemates to notice Drew and Tully's relationship?

It shocks me to hear that no one is cluing on. Matt and Heidi both had no idea! Maybe kissing under towels and blankets really is like being invisible? Hopefully by next week we the penny will drop - or maybe the facade will! Something’s got to give.  

Finally, I kind of expected Ben would be the most saved, although I secretly wanted the power to go to Tahan instead! Can you imagine what setting she would have set the 'Sugar Sisters' hair straightener to? HILARIOUS!

Until next week, I hope you enjoy Ben's privileged position. With even more to do with the superpower and amped up control over the HM'S we should be excited!

Something tells me he will play fair but there will be plenty of laughs…

Tags: Big Brother, Benjamin, Big Brother Evictions, Caleb, Sonia Kruger, Eviction 7, Matt

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