Posted: 27 June, 2013

Russell Crowe's Australian Citizenship Rejected

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Russell Crowe has had his application for Australian Citizenship rejected because he doesn’t meet the necessary criteria under the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (New Zealand citizens) Act 2001. Crowes application failed because he has been out of the country for a too long promoting and making movies. 

Crowe was talking about the subject during his promotional tour for his new movie Man of Steel.

The Gladiator star said: “Apparently I fall between the cracks… It's a very complicated situation”.

“This is the country I choose to live in, this is the country in which I spent my formative years, so it's kind of frustrating.”

“But I am not the only person in that boat - there's a whole bunch of New Zealanders who have committed to a life here, who have had children here, who bought their first houses here, who have been productive, taxpaying members of society."

"I know why the rules are in place and I understand and respect that but there has to be some form of arbitration where you can sit down and state your case."

"These rules are not big enough to engage with the complexity of people's lives."

"As a young kid, I stood on the hustings at Watson's Bay and gave out pamphlets on how to vote for Gough Whitlam at the polling booth."

"I got a Federation medal. I was made into a stamp. Until recently I had an Australian wife. I have two Australian children. But I still fall between the cracks."

Tags: Russell Crowe, Australia, Citizenship, Rejected, Visa, New Zealand

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