Posted: 4 July, 2015

A commentator thought Drake was Craig David at Wimbledon


A sports reporter at Wimbledon has made a terrible, terrible mistake.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

These Pictures Prove The Lies We’ve Believed Our Whole Lives

Lies, lies, lies...

Well, I hate to break it to you, but we have been living with some pretty intense lies our whole lives.

We’ve had no idea… until now.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

Couple Married for 75 Years Die in Each Other's Arms

Okay... I'm crying

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko basically spent their entire lives together, they were boyfriend and girlfriend since they were just 8-years-old.

Talk about the perfect soul mates.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

This Giant Oreo Cake Is Everything You’ve Been Waiting For


FINALLY someone has created an Oreo cake… a GIANT Oreo cake.


You’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested!

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Posted: 3 July, 2015

How This Guy Got Back At His Cheating Wife Has Divided The Internet

Let's face it, being cheated on is never going to be easy to deal with... but did this husband go too far?

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Posted: 3 July, 2015

10 Times Hamish and Andy Made You LOL

Hamish and Andy have achieved some amazing feats in their careers - they've sailed a tall ship to Tasmania, created the legendary Gravy chip and much more. They are also the absolute kings of making us LOL. 


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