Posted: 7 July, 2015

Fitness Blogger Reveals Domestic Violence Confronting Video

“No man has any right to put his hand to a woman. No man no matter how big, how small,”

A 26-year-old fitness blogger has bravely revealed her domestic violence hell in a confronting video.

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Posted: 7 July, 2015

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Are MARRIED!

Inside their super private ceremony!

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have tied the knot!

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Posted: 7 July, 2015

How To Get Away With Double Dipping

You're welcome!

We all know that one person who tends to double dip at parties. If you don't know that person... it's probably you.

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Posted: 7 July, 2015

Lack Of Sleep Is Worse For Us Than We Think

Who knew it could ruin your memory?

Face it, we all can relate to not getting enough hours of sleep each night.

We constantly use the excuse ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ when we’re run down and or have extreme FOMO.

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Posted: 7 July, 2015

There’s Something You Should Know About People With Untidy Desks

And if you have an untidy desk… GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

If you’ve ever been told off for having a messy desk, you can use this information as power.

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Posted: 7 July, 2015

The Internet Is Divided Over This Man’s Letter Saying His Date Wasn't Slim Enough

“My mind gets turned on by someone slimmer."

Michelle Thomas has penned an open letter to the man she met on Tinder who said he was in love with her mind, face and personality… but not her body.

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