Posted: 17 April, 2014

The Best Flight Safety Speech Ever!

We're all familiar with the flight safety demonstration that happens at the start of each flight, but this one is the best ever!

A cabin manager for an American airline had passengers in fits of laughter with her take on the very important information... and had everyone's attention.

Love this!

Hilarious SWA Flight attendant- In Mid Life Crisis MUST meet Ellen and Jimmy Fallon!!

Watch the hilarious video here!

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Posted: 17 April, 2014

What is the SEX of Mila and Ashtons BABY?

The Celebrity Couple are Having...

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are having…


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Posted: 17 April, 2014

Airplane Meltdown!

Screaming Woman Breaksdown

Woman has a public breakdown on a plane screaming 'God is my saviour'.

Stanley - the man who filmed the scene on his phone - narrates “The flight attendant has asked me that if she tries to head to the back door of the plane, I’m to block her”.

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Posted: 16 April, 2014

Guess Who's Shocking Truth Revealed In A Minute!

Your childhood will seem very different after you watch this video...

Milton Bradley/Supplied

Website CongaLineBuffet has discovered that you can win the classic kid's board game Guess Who in one move...but you won't feel great about it afterwards!

Watch it here!

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Posted: 16 April, 2014

You Can Own David Beckham’s Car!

Better Start Counting Your Pennies!

Ever thought what it would be like to Drive it Like Beckham?

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Posted: 16 April, 2014

Modern Family In Australia Episode Teased!

First Ten Seconds of the Dunphy's Down Under Revealed....

It might only be a tiny snippet, but we are still SO EXCITED to see it!

Watch it here!

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