Posted: 23 September, 2014

21 Awesome Teachers That Are Too Cool For School

Making school fun is always going to be a challenge… so teachers are now finding some pretty interesting ways to make kids pay attention in class.

See What These Awesome Teachers Did!

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

'Miss America' Pageant Gets Absolutely Owned!

MUST WATCH: This competition is disgusting!

Why does this pageant still exist? It's horrific. John Oliver reveals some shocking truths.

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

News Reporter Drops F Bomb & Quits Job On Live TV

A US news reporter has shocked show executives and viewers by swearing and quitting her job live on TV. 

Watch The Video Here!

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

Woman Gets Third Breast Implant - To Become Unattractive To Men!

Claims She Saw More Than 50 Doctors Before Finding One To Complete Surgery

A massage therapist from Florida claims to have had surgery to gain a third breast - and now she wants a reality show.

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

Father Tells Sons He Has Won The Lotto

This is the moment every kid dreams of! Your dad winning big money!

Watch Him Just Lump Cash On The Table!

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

Ariana Grande’s Life Coach Quits!

Maybe Her Diva Ways Were Too Much To Handle?

It seems all the rumours about Ariana Grande’s diva antics have taken their toll - Ariana’s life coach has quit!

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