Posted: 4 August, 2015

Which Moviestar Ditched Brad Pitt On A Date?

Brad, She’s Just Not That Into You

He might be one of the hottest men alive, but even Brad Pitt has been ditched on a date! So who ditched him?

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Jessica Alba Has Just Upset Lots Of Parents

Jessica Alba's company 'Honest' is under fire from parents over the range of sunscreen it sells.

The Honest Company markets "safe and eco-friendly household and baby care products," however has seen an increase in negative feedback from customers who say the sunscreen products don't work.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Golden Gaytime Lovers Will Go Crazy Over This News

This is the stuff dreams are made of, a Golden Gaytime - in a tub!

The people have spoken and the Streets favourite is going bigger and better (if that's possible!)

It comes following a massive campaign from a group on Facebook, "The Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Tub Project" (what a pack of legends!)

The Mission from the group, which has over 3,000 followers is pretty simple: "To Force Streets to make an Icecream Tub of 1L/2L Golden Gaytime. They would also need to make sure the biscuits hold up using... science or magic".

Streets have gone with 1.25L tubs, which cost $6.99 and will be available at most grocery stories nationally.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Looking Hungover Is A Beauty Trend In Japan Right Now

wouldn't mind jumping on board this one...

If you love a big night out, but hate polishing up the next day - Japan feels you

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Grown Man Kicks Vending Machine When He Doesn't Get His Treat

Aw, there there.

Sorry mate, but I think you're a little old to be chucking a tantrum.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

McDonald's Breakfast Menu Is About To Change?

The news that McDonald's Australia is launching all-day breakfast broke the internet a couple of weeks ago...

Now is Maccas trying to do it all again with a breakfast menu that was spotted in some suburbs around the country.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Man Tries To Chew His Own Fingerprints Off To Avoid Being Arrested


This guy has gone to extremes to avoid getting arrested… he tried to chew his own fingerprints off… yes, you read right.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

There's A New Word For "Vagina"... Again.

When will we run out of terms?

If you thought "vagina" was the politically correct term... you're apparently mistaken.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Macauley Culkin Looks Unrecognisable While Shopping In New York

One of our favourite movies of the 90's is Home Alone.

I remember watching the movies over and over, much to my parents frustrations.  But what was not to love?  It's every kids dream to have the house to themselves.

Fast forward 25 years later, and Macauley Culkin looks completely different from the 8-year-old Kevin McCallister that shot him to fame.

Yeah, we know we all age however you wouldn't even know who he was if you spotted him the street... let alone, be able to finally get that copy of Home Alone signed.

Total first world problems.

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

One Direction Kicked An Actress Out Her Hotel Room

Eliza Dushku asked to pack up and go for boy band!

If you're gonna be kicked out of a hotel room at least be kicked out by One Direction, right?

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

17 Adorable Photos Of Pets Before And After Adoption


These photos of pets before and after adoption will give you all the feels!!

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Posted: 3 August, 2015

Do You Wear Pyjamas? There’s Something You Should Know

You might wanna rethink your bedtime routine.

Apparently 92% of people all around the world sleep with pyjamas. They are also doing it all wrong.

Find out why below!

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