Posted: 2 March, 2015

Man Caught Cheating On Wife On The News

Karma strikes!

When this guy sat down to watch the news one fine evening, he wasn’t expecting to see footage of himself cheating on his wife.

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Posted: 2 March, 2015

Guy Has A Seizure Mid Skydive

It’s everyone worst nightmare to be 9000 feet in the air and totally helpless. Luckily this man had a quick thinking partner and he was able to land safely.

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Posted: 2 March, 2015

Woman Caught Out Leading Fake Life Online

Let’s be honest, we all lie about/exaggerate/filter a lot of stuff we post on social media… but what this woman did is a whole new level of crazy!

Check out just how far she went!

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Posted: 2 March, 2015

IS THIS NORMAL? 56 Thoughts I Had On My First Tinder Date

After weeks of swiping recklessly, nightly banter and fielding far too many lewd suggestions, this weekend I finally summoned the courage to go on a Tinder date.

For two hours prior I wrote down every thought and question that passed through my mind.

Is this normal? Read the list now!

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Posted: 2 March, 2015

Shia LaBeouf's New Hair Sets Social Media A-Talking

Usually we're talking about one of the Kardashian's changing their hair, but it seems like Shia LaBeouf is the talk of the town today.

I mean, Shia is bringing the 1980's suburban bogan back.

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Posted: 2 March, 2015

Bride Launches Social Media Attack After Receiving The Wrong Invitations

A bride-to-be has launched a social media offensive against the company she had ordered her wedding invitations from.

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