Posted: 18 December, 2014

What This Guy Had In His Ear Will Give You Nightmares

Every now and then comes a video that is so hard to watch but you just can’t stop… this is definitely one of those videos! 

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Posted: 18 December, 2014

20 Signs That Your Partner Is A Keeper

So you’ve been with your better half for a while and things are getting serious… are you ready to take it to the next level?

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Posted: 18 December, 2014

Man’s Shocking $190,000 Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian

A man obsessed with Kim Kardashian has had some expensive and very confronting plastic surgery to achieve a resemblance to his idol.

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Posted: 18 December, 2014

Can A Giant Piano Be Incredibly Sexy? Nick Jonas Shows Us How

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Facebook/Nick Jonas

The FAO Schwartz toy store in Manhattan (yep the one in the movie Big) is pretty famous and when Nick Jonas popped by recently he couldn't help bust out hit new single on the giant keys.

For a hilariously giant toy piano in a toy store, somehow Nick manages to make it pretty damn sexy as he performs his sulty new tune, Jealous.

Merry Christmas ladies!

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Posted: 18 December, 2014

28 Sexiest Man Selfies Of 2014 Guaranteed To Make Your Year

Kim Kardashian well and truly ‘broke the internet’ this year but there’s still time for these guys to give it a smokin’ hot go!

Check Them Out Here!

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Posted: 18 December, 2014

Did Miley Cyrus Have A Secret Wedding?

There are reports that Miley Cyrus has secretly married boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger… but should we believe it?

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