Posted: 5 July, 2015

Harry Styles is officially persuing an acting career

God help us all

Record label bosses have finally given Harry Styles the green light to look at film roles.

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Posted: 5 July, 2015

These 'Orange Is The New Black' actresses are front runners for Emmy Awards this year...

Now that the show is classified as a Drama, not a Comedy

Nominees for this years Emmy Awards will be announced very soon, and one of the biggest changes to this year's line-up is that Netflix TV series 'Orange Is The New Black' will be counted as a Drama, following controvery from last year where the show was included in the Comedy categories.

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Posted: 5 July, 2015

NRL officially backs marriage equality, Burgess brother says people need to "get over it"


The NRL has officially pledged it's support for marriage equality in a statement issued by Chief Operating Officer Suzanne Young.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

A commentator thought Drake was Craig David at Wimbledon


A sports reporter at Wimbledon has made a terrible, terrible mistake.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

These Pictures Prove The Lies We’ve Believed Our Whole Lives

Lies, lies, lies...

Well, I hate to break it to you, but we have been living with some pretty intense lies our whole lives.

We’ve had no idea… until now.

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Posted: 4 July, 2015

Couple Married for 75 Years Die in Each Other's Arms

Okay... I'm crying

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko basically spent their entire lives together, they were boyfriend and girlfriend since they were just 8-years-old.

Talk about the perfect soul mates.

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