Posted: 17 September, 2014

Megan Trainor Reveals Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her

Philandering Ex Found Another Girl

Poor Meghan! "All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor has revealed her boyfriend cheated on her just two weeks ago!

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Posted: 17 September, 2014

Woman’s Bizarre $53,000 Transformation Into Living Sex Doll


A Latvian women obsessed with plastic surgery has admitted to spending $53,000 to achieve her shock “sex doll” look.

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Posted: 17 September, 2014

The "All About That Bass" Dance Surprise So Uplifting You'll Watch It Twice!

Singer Meghan Trainor Gets The Ultimate Fan Surprise!

Meghan Trainor got the ultimate surprise at an Australian fanmeet this week - and the video is a must see! 

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Posted: 17 September, 2014

Meghan Trainor Reacts To Hypothetical Scenarios in GIFs

"You accidentally see your dad naked."

Meghan Trainor (aka M-Train) is at the top of our playlists right now with All About That Bass… and when she dropped by we thought "why not present her with some hypothetical scenarios and get her to react with facial expressions and then turn them into GIFs?"

And then we named the game All About That Face.


Click though to experience the wonder that is 'All About That Face."

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Posted: 17 September, 2014

Beyoncé Caught Lip Syncing In Paris!

When You’re The Queen of Pop, You Can Do What You Like!


Queen Beyonce has been caught out lip-syncing in Paris!

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Posted: 17 September, 2014

26 Crazy School Detention Slips That Shocked Parents

Controlling rowdy school kids is hard enough as it is, made only harder by the new YOLO generation who just do whatever they want without even giving it a second thought...

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