Posted: 31 January, 2015

Tunnels: The Ultimate Baby-Tamer!

Is your tot crying, pitching a fit or laughing like a Bond villain? We have a solution!


We found it. The secret to successful parenting.


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Posted: 31 January, 2015

Brady Bunch Mum, 80, Has “Friend With Benefits”…

Octogenarian Actress Florence Henderson says sex gets better with age and that she isn’t exclusive with anyone.


Well, this is equal parts inspiring and depressing!

Classic sitcom star Florence Henderson, who starred in The Brady Bunch and The Love Boat amongst others, has revealed that she probably has a better sex life than most of us, telling US mag Closer that she has a number of lovers and prefers younger men - including her main 'Friend with Benefits'!

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Posted: 31 January, 2015

Will Sia Please Stop Blowing Our Minds Already?

Another incredible performance on Ellen tugs our heartstrings, plus she makes a huge announcement…

Ellen (Warner Bros)

Who would have thought that a bunch of dancers standing (mostly) still could have such an effect?

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Posted: 31 January, 2015

Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer Leaks!

Watch It Before Someone Kills It. On Youtube, that is…

HBO (Supplied)

Nothing like a big serve of oldey-timey sex and violence to get your weekend pumping!

Some sneaky little TV Fairy has stuck a bootlegged copy of the new Game of Thrones trailer online….and we have to say…whooooooa!!!

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Posted: 30 January, 2015

OMG, Craig David Is Still Alive… And He’s Freaking Sexy!

It’s been forever since we’ve heard from hit machine Craig David but we can confirm he is alive and well… and damn hot!

Check Him Out Here!

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Posted: 30 January, 2015

Ever Wondered What Male Actors Wear During A Sex Scene?

It’s called a ‘C**k Sock’ and, well, it sounds super weird.

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