Posted: 6 July, 2015

G.O.T SPOILER ALERT: Kit Harrington Might Have Just Told Us What Really Happens To Jon Snow

There's a chance you-know-who might not be you-know-what!

Game of Thrones actor (and future father to my children) Kit Harrington might have just told the world his characters fate. Maybe.

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Posted: 6 July, 2015

Hillary Clinton & Ellen DeGeneres' Replies To A Young Gay Boy Are Stunning

Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres have reached out to a young gay man via social media sensation Humans of New York

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Posted: 6 July, 2015

You’ve Been Eating Sushi Wrong Your Whole Life

Literally, everything you’ve been doing is wrong.

The sushi experts have spoken: you are probably eating it all wrong.

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Posted: 6 July, 2015

This Awkward First Date Will Make You Never Want To Date Again. Like, Ever.

A woman live-tweeted a first date and it's just so awful.

Anyone who has ever delved into the dating scene will know that first dates can be pretty damn awkward. 
Posted: 6 July, 2015

Ed Sheeran Lands A Role On TV Show

New show is said to be "dark" and "gory" (!!!)

Ed Sheeran has bagged a role in a gory US TV show, according to reports.

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Posted: 6 July, 2015

Britney Spears Recreates Her Famous Album Cover 15-Years Later

Ohhh we love vintage Britney!

Britney Spears has recreated her famous album cover for Opps I Did It Again

Can you believe it’s 15 years old?

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