Posted: 3 March, 2015

Leonardo Di Caprio And Rihanna Are Officially Romancing

We have evidence now.

Evidence has surfaced of Leonardo Di Caprio and Rihanna getting cuddly at her birthday party.

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix Downunder

Official release date announced!

Neflix AKA The Ultimate Provider Of Television Goodness is officially launching in Australia on March 24 it was announced today.

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Why Your iPhone Can Only ‘Decline’ or ‘Accept’ Some Calls & Not Others

For those of us who haven’t actually been bothered to Google this, here is one of the iPhone’s mini mysteries finally solved!

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

HE WANTS YOU! The psychology of guys checking out girls.

Men look at pretty women. That goes for men who are married, men who are dating, and men who are single. That's their nature. But is this built-in attraction with the female body a threat to their spouse, girlfriend, or partner?

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Are These Girls REALLY Twins?

They swear they are!

This is Lucy and Maria.

Lucy has cute freckles, strawberry blonde hair and porcelain skin. Maria has luscious black curls and caramel skin.

They're twins.

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Posted: 3 March, 2015

Woman Refused Wedding Dress Refund After Fiancé Dies Suddenly

You’ll be shocked when you hear what this woman, who was grieving her dead fiancé, was told by her wedding dress designers when she asked for a refund!  

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