Posted: 29 March, 2015

Plane Leaves With 144 Passengers And Arrives with 143!

How did an emergency exit go completely undetected?

Things weren’t adding up on paper when a flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai in India arrived with one less passenger than it had at take off.

Click to find out how it happened!

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Posted: 29 March, 2015

How You Can Fit 2 Cars In A Single Garage!

Simply push your car over to make more room

This video proves you can easily fit two cars in a single garage… Just simply push one over to make room for the other.

Check out the amazing video!

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Posted: 29 March, 2015

When Your Super Hot Teacher Is Actually Also A Model!

Yes this is real life...

A London uni student has made the discovery we all kind of want to make for when you have a super attractive teacher.

Click to see more of his modelling pics!

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Posted: 28 March, 2015

CONFIRMED! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating

Video surfaces of the pair holding hands and getting cosy at a concert

It's official! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have confirmed they are dating after holding hands in front of fans and media at a concert last night.

Click here video of the new couple getting cosy!

Posted: 28 March, 2015

Pole Dancer Falls & Bursts One Of Her Fake Boobs!

She Even Posted A Video Of The Emergency Surgery!

A South American pole dancer was left needing emergency surgery after she fell off her pole and one of her breast implants burst! 

Get the full story here!

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Posted: 28 March, 2015

VIDEO: Kid gets tackled by big security guard at Riff Raff concert

Did he deserve it or was the security guard out of line?

Video footage of a small fan being crash tackled by a large security guard onstage at a Riff Raff gig has gone viral.

Watch the video here