Posted: 28 August, 2014

Panda Fakes Pregnancy To Get Treats

Life as a pregnant panda is apparently, very, very good!


Officials had to call off the live broadcast of a panda giving birth because, well, she was faking it. 

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Posted: 28 August, 2014

16 Beautiful Australian Islands You Need To Visit!

How many of these have you been to?

Austrialia you bloody beauty!  Not only do we have amazing weather, fantastic local food and some of the best sports teams in the world, we also have absolutely gorgeous islands.

Are they the world's best? We'll leave that up to you to decide. 

1. Bedarra Island, QLD

2. Lady Elliot Island, QLD

3. Kangaroo Island. SA

4. Moreton Island, SA

5. Daydream Island, QLD

6. Rottnest Island, WA

7. Flinders Island, TAS

8. Groote Eylandt, NT

9. Phillip Island, VIC

10. Fraser Island, QLD

11. Hamilton Island, QLD

12.  Macquarie Island, TAS

13. Great Keppel Island, QLD

14. Wilson Island, QLD

15. Bruny Island,  TAS

16. Lord Howe Island, NSW

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Posted: 28 August, 2014

Hamish Blake Has The Most Adorable Baby Ever…

And He’s Taking Instagram By Storm!


Radio and TV presenter Hamish Blake and his author wife Zoe Foster-Blake are one of the cutest couples around…

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Posted: 28 August, 2014

Drake & Nicki Minaj’s Rad Friendship

Seriously, Get Jealous. You Ain’t Got No Friend Like Drake!

What would you say if I told you that when celebrities get hungry on set, they don’t have a private chef. And it turns out they just stock up on convenience store snacks?

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Posted: 28 August, 2014

Mariah Carey’s Marriage Drama Continues

Nick Cannon Subsequently In The Dog House

Mariah Carey is really mad that Nick Cannon revealed the other day that the two were in fact separated, and had been for a few months!

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Posted: 28 August, 2014

Kanye Reveals Dad’s Surprising Occupation

Deposition Uncovers Kanye’s Family Secret

Surprising news has been uncovered in a deposition for Kanye assaulting a paparazzo.

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