Posted: 22 November, 2014

Of Course Beyoncé Has Released a Crazy Surprise Video.

And We Definitely Want That Kale Hoodie…

In what could be the most obviously Beyoncé thing to do on a weekend, Beyoncé has posted an informal video for her new track 711, that can only be viewed on her website.

In the (probably) unofficial clip, Queen Bey swans around what is either a very fancy hotel or one of her many fancy properties, dropping it like it’s hot, putting dice in her mouth, and all the other totally normal stuff that we do when we’re alone.

While she HASN’T gone and dropped an entire album, this is still pretty boss. Also we couldn’t help but notice that she does a lot of excellent butt work. Maybe she’s putting a certain someone back in her place?

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Posted: 22 November, 2014

LA Comedian's Amazing Traffic Impression

Well, that's definitely making the best of peak hour!


I sometimes get so frustrated in traffic that I feel like I’m turning into someone else - but LA comedian Lauren O’Brien has really taken it the next level! She’s staved away the boredom of dealing with LA’s notorious jams by delivering dead-on impersonations of some of the world's biggest stars!

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Posted: 22 November, 2014

Sam Smith Meets Reality Bites

Here’s one for the 90’s kids!

Getty/Supplied [Altered]

Who didn’t love Reality Bites? It had it all - Winona Ryder dancing in the Gas Station, Ethan Hawke thinking that the world owed him a Snickers. It was perfect. And it totally did the plot for Girls before Girls did.

It also made Lisa Loeb’s song Stay a massive hit - and now someone (NY DJ amfmpm), who clearly loves Reality Bites and Sam Smith’s hit Stay With Me has taken the next logical step and mashed the two together. And we have to say, we kinda dig it! Have a listen and tell us what you think!

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Posted: 22 November, 2014

Ryan Gosling’s Stalker Says She Shares His Soul

And she sent a doll catalogue to his house. A doll catalogue.


Okay, so we’ve all done it before - wistfully scrolling through pages and pages of Feminist Ryan Gosling, or the classic F—k Yeah Ryan Gosling [title NSFW], when it slips out and we say it: “one day I’m going to marry Ryan Gosling.”

Well, you didn’t mean it the same way one fan does - she thinks they share the same soul, amongst other things.


Find out what Ryan is doing about it here!

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

Ariana Comes Clean On Her "The Boy Is Mine" Cover

Why Jessie J Won't Be Joining Her

Ariana Grande will not be joining Jessie J to remake the 90s classic, "The Boy Is Mine". In fact - the remake probably won't be happening at all. 

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

15 Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Notes That Taught People A Lesson

Sometimes it can be hard to confront someone you have an issue with… just leave them a note instead!

Check Them Out Here!

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