Posted: 22 October, 2014

Why You Won’t Be Getting A ‘Dislike’ Button On Facebook

Facebook’s former chief technology officer has revealed why you’re unlikely to ever see a ‘dislike’ button on the social networking site.

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Big Brother: Sandra Dishes On Cat & Lawson

Talk about a controversial hook-up..

When we spoke to Big Brother evictee Sandra, she had HER say on Cat & Lawson's hook up! Plus, if Sam was still in the house, would their relationship have blossomed?

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Sheppard Find Out What Ellen Is Really Like Behind-The-Scenes

Source: Supplied

Aussie band Sheppard are smashing it in the States at the moment and now they’ve made their next big career move with an appearance on Ellen.

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Ricki –Lee: Dance With Your Brain!

Yes, we made Ricki-Lee dance while explaining global warming.

When Ricki Lee dropped by Scoopla HQ we put a little spin on her album name ‘Dance In The Rain’ and got her to dance… but with her brain! Also turns out she has no idea what global warming is!

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Kris Jenner Caught Out Photoshopping Pics

See the REAL photo Gordon Ramsay Instagrammed

We’re all guilty of using the odd filter or two… but it appears Kris Jenner has been photoshopping her images and softening her wrinkles. How do we know?

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Posted: 22 October, 2014

Real Life Hoverboard


Engineers have created a real life Hoverboard which floats 1 inch off the ground!

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