Posted: 2 October, 2014

First Image & Voice Cast Of ‘Angry Birds’ Movie Revealed

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the first image and voice cast of the Angry Birds movie has finally been revealed.

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

SPOILER ALERT: Shocking News About Tonight’s Bachelor Finale

Channel 10

Tonight is the finale of Channel 10’s The Bachelor but we’ve just heard some news which might mean something isn’t quite right…


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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Teen Girl Mutilated By Jealous Rivals For Being “Too Pretty” [Graphic Content]

A teenage girl has been horrifically injured by jealous girls who wanted to make her look like horror movie character Chucky.


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Posted: 2 October, 2014

PREVIEW: Jay Z & Solange Elevator Fight Will Feature In TV Show


The infamous Solange and Jay Z elevator fight will be featured in an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU. 

The long-running drama has released a preview of an episode entitled American Disgrace which includes a dramatic elevator fight.

The tagline is simple: “A sorts hero is accused of multiple rapes, but is there more to the story?”

The episode will also touch on the Ray Rice elevator incident and Donald Sterling‘s racist comments.  

Gossip blog The YBF has revealed the elevator incident will jump off after a shocking elevator fight caught only on security cam (without audio) which then goes public via a gossip site called “LMZ”.

Uh, this sounds way to familiar.  Bey, Jay and Solange must be THRILLED. 

Law & Order: SVU - American Disgrace (Preview)

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

30 Celebrities Who Got Stunt Doubles To Do Their Dirty Work

We’re often amazed by dangerous movie action sequences but it’s not always the A-Listers putting their life at risk!

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