Posted: 28 August, 2016

Doctors Have Slammed Pete Evans After He Gave Someone False Health Advice

Paleo Pete strikes again.

Celebrity chef and TV personality Pete Evans has stirred the pot once again after giving advice to a Facebook user – even though he is not a certified health professional.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Could Perrie Edwards’ New Boyfriend Be Hotter Than Zayn?

He’s quite the catch!

Even though Zayn Malik has been extremely public about his new relationship with Gigi Hadid, he’ll never be able to wash off his engagement with Little Mix star Perrie Edwards.

Unlike Zayn, Perrie took some time out to be single and only now she has confirmed she’s coupled up again – and her new beau is really, really hot.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

People Think Tupac is ALIVE After This Selfie Emerged

Could it be possible?

There have been many conspiracy theories over the years that revolve around star’s faking their death. Now, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has become a centre of a viral craze.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

The ULTIMATE Scream Queens Makeup Tutorial

We won't be wearing any other look!

Scream Queens is the ultimate style series, and we've got the ULTIMATE guide to geeting the killer look to impress absolutely everyone.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Teen Dies From Hickey Given By Girlfriend

A love bite isn't something you'd expect to be dangerous, but a 17-year-old has died as a result of getting one.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Harry Styles' Ex Caught Topless, SLAMS Paparazzi

"To the people that hate and body shame..."

Harry Styles' rumoured ex-girlfriend Sara Sampaio was recentely snapped sun-bathing topless on vacation, and she has hit back with a scathing message.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Justin Bieber Took Sofia Richie On Holiday And It Got Pretty Steamy

Seems like they both had a very good time…

You may have seen that Justin Bieber has started dating Sofia RichieNicole Richie’s sister and an up-and-coming model.

It sounds like things are getting pretty serious between them, and since Sofia has just turned 18, Justin wanted to celebrate with a private trip to Cabo! What a sweetheart.

These stars aren’t just lazing around though… Justin is showing Sofia exactly how he feels with a lot of making out.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Cara Delevingne Goes Pantless, Shows Lady Garden

"What do you call yours?"

Cara Delevingne opted to go pantless for her latest magazine cover and the shoot isn't the only thing that's driving people wild!

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

You've All Been Saying Rihanna's Name WRONG

Umm, sorry WHAT?!

Rihanna is one of our faves, so of course we know how to pronounce her name... Except, well, we have all been saying it wrong for years...

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Adding Lemon To Drinks Is A Big NO NO


Everyone loves to add a little citrus twist to their weekend drinks, but there's some serious nasties waiting for you with each sip.

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Posted: 28 August, 2016

Kendall Jenner BANNED From Uber

"She's literally like a 'model' passenger."

We're not sure what Kendall Jenner's done to upset Uber, but Kim Kardashian definitely isn't happy her sis can't hitch a ride.

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Posted: 27 August, 2016

You Won't Top Drake's Gift For RiRi

Your gifts just won't live up to this...

Partners, you may as well give up now, because Drake bought Rihanna the gift we will NEVER be able to afford...

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