Posted: 29 November, 2014

Your iPhone Could Soon be a Gameboy!

Time to delete Angry Birds and Candy Crush - Itsa him, Mario!

Apple/Nintendo (Supplied/Altered)

Oh. Em. Gee.

We suspect this news is probably going to be more exciting for kids who grew up in the 90s, but Nintendo has just registered the patent for a smartphone Gameboy emulator!!

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Posted: 29 November, 2014

Aussie Gamer Outsmarts Trolls by Telling Mums!

Strikes back at bullies, becomes our hero. Win-win.


The world of gaming can be pretty petty, especially when it comes to judging the people who write reviews for websites, radio and TV. No-one knew this better than Digital TV and community radio reviewer Alanah Pearce, who receives plenty of (often sexist and threatening) ‘feedback’ from ‘enthusiastic’ readers and listeners on her Facebook page.

So, she decided to tell their mums.

See what she did here!

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Posted: 29 November, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence is a Chart Smash!

Enters the UK Chart with Mockingjay Pt 1 Performance


Yeaaaahh. Every time you think your heart is too full to love Jennifer Lawrence any more than you do, she goes and does it again. This time, she has gone and cracked the UK top 40 - by accident!


Listen to her here!

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Posted: 29 November, 2014

New Star Wars Teaser! The Force Awakens!

Well, it's awakening - the short, thrilling trailer makes us wish it would finish waking up and get here!

Bad Robot/Youtube

Wake up Australia! Wake up! There's a new Star Wars teaser!!!

We are massive fans of J.J. Abrams Star Trek adaptations so we're pumped to see what he does with George Lucas's classic blockbusters - and with original cast members like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher returning, we're pretty much passing out from holding our breaths in excitement.  So, set Youtube to full screen, put the quality to HD and check it out!

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Posted: 28 November, 2014

18 Epic Christmas Tree Fails To Avoid This Year

Decorating the Christmas tree is a chance to let your creativity shine… but some people should just quit while they’re behind!

Check Them Out Here!

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Posted: 28 November, 2014

Why Do You Keep Mishearing That Taylor Swift Lyric?

WHAT!? It's NOT “Lonely Starbucks Lovers”...

Ok, so we are all totally down with Tay Tay's new hit "Blank Space", and working at a radio station I hear it at least 10 times a day and could have SWORN that where Swift sings Got a long list of ex-lovers, that it wasAll the lonely Starbucks lovers. I can't be alone right?

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