Posted: 25 May, 2015

This Puppy Wins At Life After Struggle With Stick And Bridge

OMG So Cute!

This puppy is so determined to get his new found stick across the bridge that nothing and I repeat nothing will get in his way.

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Dancing Man's Dance Party Is The Ultimate Feel Good Story!

A man who was shamed for his dance moves has been given the party of his life!

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

There’s Something Wrong With This Picture… Can You Spot What It Is?

This guy took his car to get serviced after he had a small accident and it didn’t return the same!

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Guy Sebastian Was Surprised By His Eurovision Placing!

Plus his awkward talk show...

Guy Sebastian has admitted he was surprised by his fifth placing at Eurovision. 

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Is This Man Selling Your Instagram Photos For $100,000?

Well, this is extremely awkward…and kinda weird.

An artist is making money by selling canvases with people Instagram’s photos…and before you say anything,  apparently it’s totally legal.

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Who’s Giving Chris Brown A Second Chance?

The popstar is forgiven, but not forgotten.

Chris Brown is finally being allowed back to The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, but there are a few serious conditions!

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