Posted: 25 January, 2015

Rosie Batty Named 2015 Australian of the Year

Dedicates the award to her late son, Luke.


Inspirational mum Rosie Batty has been named this year’s Australian of the year, for her work in the fight against domestic violence.

Read about her important message here.

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Posted: 25 January, 2015

Silly Kitty’s Unlikely Rescue!

Look, we’ve all had these moments, but we don’t all have friends like this!


Oh, dear.

Look, we've all had those less-than-bright moments when we put ourselves into an unideal situations...Like sticking our heads into cups that do not fit our heads.

See how they escape here!

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Posted: 25 January, 2015

Zeddlena Is The Most Absurd Celebrity Nickname Ever

And yet, Selena Gomez and Zedd are probably a real-life adorable thing.


Look, I don’t generally come here to give a grammar lesson, but let me explain something. There’s something called a portmanteau, which is what it’s called when you squish two words or names together to make a new word - but you can still tell what the original words were.

Zeddlena is not a very successful celeb nickname, by this standard. But, apparently they’re dating for real-real now, because they had dinner together in ATLANTA. And who flies to Atlanta to see a ‘friend’ or ‘music collaborator’ just for dinner?

Click here to find out who!

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Posted: 25 January, 2015

This Mum Won Parenting by Re-creating Hogwarts with Lego

400,000 bricks, goodness knows how many hours and far too much floor space.


Sorry, mums, dads, guardians - you can all go home now. Call it a day. Because THIS lady has just spent a large chunk of her time making Harry Potter come to life for her sons, which pretty much makes her the best parent ever.

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Posted: 25 January, 2015

Nanna-blanket shorts are the hot new trend for men!

Behold, and adore them.

This is not a drill, and it’s not a joke either. One, um, 'innovative' Etsy seller has created a line of 100% recycled shorts for men, made out of old nanna-rugs, afghan blankets and even that crocheted bunny rug your aunt made you. Nothing is safe.

Check them out!

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Posted: 24 January, 2015

Mrs Doubtfire: The Musical?

Composer behind The Little Mermaid and Aladdin confirms new project!

Getty/Paramount (Supplied)

Whoa! We did NOT see this one coming! It COULD be really great, but we'll have to see!

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