Posted: 22 November, 2014

Ryan Gosling’s Stalker Says She Shares His Soul

And she sent a doll catalogue to his house. A doll catalogue.


Okay, so we’ve all done it before - wistfully scrolling through pages and pages of Feminist Ryan Gosling, or the classic F—k Yeah Ryan Gosling [title NSFW], when it slips out and we say it: “one day I’m going to marry Ryan Gosling.”

Well, you didn’t mean it the same way one fan does - she thinks they share the same soul, amongst other things.


Find out what Ryan is doing about it here!

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

Ariana Comes Clean On Her "The Boy Is Mine" Cover

Why Jessie J Won't Be Joining Her

Ariana Grande will not be joining Jessie J to remake the 90s classic, "The Boy Is Mine". In fact - the remake probably won't be happening at all. 

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

15 Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Notes That Taught People A Lesson

Sometimes it can be hard to confront someone you have an issue with… just leave them a note instead!

Check Them Out Here!

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

You’ve Been Cutting Mangoes The Wrong Way

Here’s How You Should Really Be Doing It

Think you’re a mango-cutting expert? Wait till you see this!

Watch The Video Here!

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

NSFW: Zac Efron In His Most Revealing Interview Ever

Zac Efron has opened up in his most revealing interview yet.

In the hilarious talkshow spoof Efron appears alongside James Franco to chat about masturbation.

Franco plays the character Dave Skylark in the upcoming movie 'The Interview' with Seth Rogan, and sat down for this "interview" with Zac Efron.

Watch it here!

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Posted: 21 November, 2014

30 Most Horrifyingly Ugly And Uncomfortable Shoes Ever Created

We’re all for creativity… but these shoes are on another level!

Check Them Out Here!

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