Posted: 24 September, 2014

Kris & Bruce Jenner Officially Divorced!

In Other News, The World Keeps On Spinning.


Kris Jenner is officially a single woman, her divorce with Bruce has gone through overnight.

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Posted: 24 September, 2014

‘Friends’ Almost Didn’t Make It To Television!

Imagine TV Without Friends! Blasphemy.

What would your life be like without the TV show ‘Friends’?

If the reactions to the pilot episode shown to the public were anything to go by, Friends might not have ever made it to TV!

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Posted: 24 September, 2014

The iPhone 6's Unexpected New Feature That You Don't Want

The new iPhone is a well sought after device and, according to Apple, has reached over 10 million units in only a few short days.

But there is one new unwanted "feature" of the very light phone that is starting to pop up on social media.

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Posted: 24 September, 2014

Big Brother Evictee Gemma Finds Out About The 'Real' Jake

"Are you lying? I can't believe he didn't tell me!"

Big Brother's first evictee Gemma spoke to us about why she wanted to be on the show... and you've GOT to see her reaction when we told her that Jake was Tim Dormer's housemate!

Gemma also spoke about David's creepiness... and revealed who she thinks will win the competition.

Click through to see Gemma's priceless reaction!

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

21 Awesome Teachers That Are Too Cool For School

Making school fun is always going to be a challenge… so teachers are now finding some pretty interesting ways to make kids pay attention in class.

See What These Awesome Teachers Did!

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Posted: 23 September, 2014

'Miss America' Pageant Gets Absolutely Owned!

MUST WATCH: This competition is disgusting!

Why does this pageant still exist? It's horrific. John Oliver reveals some shocking truths.

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